Biodegradable Coffins

Beautiful, unique, handmade, environmentally friendly coffins for burial and cremation.

Artisanal woven coffin lavishly adorned with bright sunflowers, purple blooms, and yellow roses, presented in a cozy room with a view of a garden.

Natural Woven Coffins

Handcrafted Robust Frame has designed and built 100% biodegradable, wood, fibre... 

Natural Woven Coffins

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Biodegradable Coffin

Our commitment to sustainability:

Our coffins at are meticulously crafted with a commitment to sustainability in mind. One notable feature that sets our coffins apart is the absence of any plastic or metal components. This deliberate design choice is instrumental in their biodegradability, as it ensures that there are no non-organic materials hindering the natural decomposition process. By eliminating plastics and metals, our coffins contribute to a more eco-friendly farewell. When our coffins return to the earth, they leave no traces of synthetic materials behind, allowing them to seamlessly merge with the environment, enriching the soil and minimizing the ecological footprint. This dedication to using only natural materials underscores our mission to provide a final resting place that honors both your loved ones and the planet, offering a more sustainable and eco-conscious choice for those seeking an environmentally friendly farewell.

Biodegradable Coffins: A Shift Towards Sustainability

Biodegradable coffins, often referred to as eco-friendly or green coffins, represent a significant shift in the funeral industry towards more sustainable and environmentally conscious practices. These coffins are designed with the planet in mind, offering a final resting place that returns to nature gracefully.

Natural Material Construction

One of the primary features of biodegradable coffins is their construction from natural materials such as wood, willow, bamboo, banana leaf, cane, pandanus or seagrass. These materials decompose naturally over time, reducing the environmental impact associated with traditional burial options that involve non-biodegradable materials.

Versatile Burial Options

Biodegradable coffins are versatile, suitable for various burial methods. Whether you opt for cremation, traditional burial, or a woodland burial, these coffins are designed to harmoniously merge with the earth. As they break down, they enrich the soil rather than contributing to pollution.

Certified and Patented

Furthermore, many biodegradable coffins undergo certification by organizations like the FFMA, ensuring that they meet stringent environmental standards. Our coffins are FFMA certified and patented.

Commitment to Sustainable Living

Choosing a biodegradable coffin not only reflects a commitment to sustainable living but also honors the idea of returning to nature in the most eco-conscious way possible. These coffins provide a beautiful and eco-friendly farewell, embodying a deep connection between life and the environment in our final moments.

A Natural Choice for a Sustainable Farewell

At Eco Coffins Limited, we take pride in offering a unique and eco-friendly option for your final journey. Our woven coffins are a testament to the harmony of nature and craftsmanship, providing a dignified and sustainable choice for those who wish to leave a lighter footprint on the Earth in their passing.

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