Willow Coffins

Beautiful, unique, handmade, environmentally friendly coffins for burial and cremation.

Artisanal woven coffin lavishly adorned with bright sunflowers, purple blooms, and yellow roses, presented in a cozy room with a view of a garden.

Natural Woven Coffins

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Natural Woven Coffins

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Willow Coffins

Willow coffins, also known as wicker coffins or willow caskets, are a type of eco-friendly burial container made from woven willow branches or reeds. These coffins are designed to be biodegradable and environmentally sustainable, making them a popular choice for eco-conscious individuals who want a natural and environmentally friendly burial option or people who just think they look prettier than conventional coffins.


Willow coffins are typically constructed using sustainable and renewable willow branches or reeds. The woven design allows for adequate support and strength. The coffins we supply are made of rattan which like willow is natural and derived from plants, but they have distinct differences in terms of there origin and characteristics. We choose rattan because it is considerably stronger than willow, it’s sturdier than willow which is why it’s often chosen for furniture manufacture. Our coffin is a piece of furniture that has been build of a solid wood frame making it ideal to use for a funeral.


One of the main advantages of willow coffins is their biodegradability. They break down naturally over time compared to traditional coffins made of metal or hardwood.


Willow coffins are considered an eco-friendly choice for burial because they have a lower environmental impact. They do not require the use of metal or chemicals, which are often found in traditional coffins.

Aesthetic Appeal:

Many people appreciate the rustic and natural appearance of willow coffins. They often have an open weave design that allows for a beautiful and organic look.


Willow coffins come in various sizes and designs, allowing for some degree of personalization and choice for families who opt for them.


The cost of willow coffins can vary, but they are often competitively priced with other burial containers. The price may depend on factors like size, design, and the supplier.

Local Sourcing:

Some individuals choose willow coffins made from locally sourced materials to further reduce the carbon footprint associated with production and transportation.

It's worth noting that the availability and popularity of willow coffins may vary by region, so if you are interested in using one for a burial or funeral arrangement, it's a good idea to check with local funeral homes or suppliers to see if they offer this option.

A Natural Choice for a Sustainable Farewell

At Eco Coffins Limited, we take pride in offering a unique and eco-friendly option for your final journey. Our woven coffins are a testament to the harmony of nature and craftsmanship, providing a dignified and sustainable choice for those who wish to leave a lighter footprint on the Earth in their passing.

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